About Us

Global Aviator Connect was launched in 2021

Readers have been provided with a magazine where the emphasis has always been on excellent quality with articles ranging from pilot experiences, technical, aircraft and latets technology

Writers of Global Aviator Connect

News from South Africa and from various countries around the world are written by well-known international journalists such as Georgina Hunter-Jones, Owen Zupp, Guy Gratton and Helen Krusner.

Locally, attorney Mike Wright keeps us informed on airline news and we have several freelance pilots and journalist who write for Global Aviator.

The beginning

At the beginning of 2006, having built the magazine into an extremely successful business, he decided to sell SA Flyer to concentrate on other projects.

However, once the magazine bug had bitten, the itch remained and in 2009 he launched Global Aviator. The magazine is worldwide. It is available at airports and on the internet through Magzter Digital Store.

Global Aviator Connect has a very comprehensive mailing list. Through this list and via other internet connections, the magazine is sent to over 100 000 people every month.

Our target readers are those with an interest in aviation that encompasses the lighter aircraft, business jets, military aircraft, helicopters and various other aspects of aviation.

Website Aim of Global Aviator Connect

The aim of the website is to inform visitors of current news and interesting articles from travel to military and aircraft.

Most articles are written by me (Cesare de Villiers) and Charmaine de Villiers. There will be some press releases of happening around the world, but it’s mainly an article website.

Feel free to use the contact us form to send any messages or news you want added.

Link: https://www.gaconnect.co.za/contact-us/