Simaero, Thales, Sky-Wings train pilots on H225

Simaero, Thales, Sky-Wings train pilots on H225
Reality H ® simulator is Thales’s flagship helicopter simulator in operation around the world and certified at the highest level by the international authorities.

Thales and Simaero have signed a contract to relocate one H225 Reality H ® Level D full-flight simulator. The Thales Reality H ®, which is one of the world’s most advanced commercial helicopter simulators, will be relocated by the Simaero Engineering team to China Sky-Wings training center in Shanghai.

As well as improving security and safety, training and simulation boost fleet availability, with reduced costs and lower carbon emissions. With this new H225 Reality H, Chinese helicopter pilots will benefit locally from the highest level of training with the most demanding mission scenarios in a wide range of weather conditions, and a very immersive virtual environment.

Thales designed Reality H® to meet the needs of helicopter operators, maximizing training capacity and availability while offering straightforward ease of installation, operation and maintenance. Certified at the highest level (level D) by international authorities, the Reality H has been operational for more than seven years on all five continents. ​ This Thales Reality H ® simulator will be the second operated in China along with the EC135T2 helicopter FFS level D in Haite. ​

Simaero has been operating in China since 2021 on multiple engineering projects for Chinese customers, amongst which the aviation academy China Sky-Wings who has already trusted Simaero for a full-flight simulator relocation project in 2022. It was a natural step to entrust Simaero to manage the entire relocation of the Thales H225 Reality H ® Level D full-flight simulator from disassembly, transportation, and reassembly, to power-up and support for the device certification by the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC).

“Thales is delighted to partner with Simaero and to benefit from its well-established presence in China. We are convinced that together we will be provide the best-in-class training operations to address the promising market of civil pilot training in China.” Peter Hitchcock, VP Training & Simulation, Thales

“Combining the first-class quality of Thales’ device with Simaero’s experience in complex engineering services in the simulation industry brings an optimal solution to China Sky-Wings’ need for helicopter pilot training. We are proud to strengthen our trusting relationship with Thales and help them extend their simulation solutions to the Chinese market.” Julien Champs, General Manager Simaero Engineering, Simaero