Experience the height of elegance

Experience the height of elegance
ACC staff at The brand new functions venue

Experience the height of elegance at Table Mountain Cableway’s new VISTA: Where every moment is a panoramic masterpiece!

A vista is like nature’s widescreen, offering a breathtaking panorama of the landscape; a name that befits Table Mountain Aerial Cableway Company’s (TMACC) spectacular new functions venue, VISTA. The name was coined by Josephine Mouton and Lisa Paterson, Cableway staff members.

Inaugurated on Thursday, 21 September 2023 by Mayoral Committee Member Alderman James Vos and TMACC Managing Director, Wahida Parker, the venue promises to captivate both local and international guests looking to host specialised events, and entertain visitors, leaving their guests with an indelible impression. “Celebrations and special moments deserve a setting as breathtaking as the occasion itself,” said Managing Director Wahida Parker.

“VISTA was born from the vision of creating a haven where nature’s beauty and culinary artistry converge, ensuring that, no matter the forecast, every event shines brightly with panoramic views, exquisite cuisine, and impeccable service,” Parker concluded.

TMACC’s Food & Beverage Executive, Ronald Ramsamy, weighed in on the vision for VISTA. “Our vision for VISTA was to blend the timeless elegance with a contemporary twist, creating a venue that exudes warmth and invites guests to savour the captivating beauty of Cape Town. The spacious open design, expansive glass windows, and inviting lounge areas together infuse a charming atmosphere that welcomes all who step inside.”

“As we ushered in September, which coincides with World Tourism Month, we celebrated a significant milestone in our ongoing commitment to tourism and destination marketing, with the aim of positioning Cape Town as the ultimate choice for both investors and travellers,” said Alderman Vos. “The launch of our ‘Choose Cape Town’ campaign is our dedicated effort to elevate travel and trade, with a clear emphasis on augmenting both volumes and values. Our strategic approach revolves around attracting additional flights, welcoming more cruise liners, becoming the destination for numerous events and conferences, and enriching our array of products and attractions. The inauguration of VISTA perfectly aligns with our objective of hosting more events and conferences, further reinforcing our mission to create more job opportunities and stimulate economic growth. Cape Town is a city brimming with boundless possibilities.”

VISTA is now open and primed to welcome an array of guests. Secure your spot today by reaching out to functions@tablemountain.net, and be among the first to experience this exciting new gem on the Cape Town horizon.