Bell 505 Sales Momentum in Southeast Asia

Bell 505 Sales Momentum in Southeast Asia
The Bell 505 features a large, customizable cabin and dual channel FADEC controlled engine. (Photo: Bell Textron)

Bell Textron Inc., a Textron Inc. company, continues to see robust sales of its Bell 505 helicopter across the Asia Pacific region. The latest contracts signed with customers in Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines demonstrate the ongoing demand.

Leading the new orders at the Singapore Airshow 2024 was Hammock Helicopter, a Malaysian helicopter services provider that specializes in maintenance, repair and overhaul work. The company signed a purchase agreement for two Bell 505 aircraft in a corporate configuration, with delivery planned for 2024.

“Bell has achieved significant success with the Bell 505 across Asia Pacific. Our customers’ success is closely tied to our own, as we strive to meet their unique operational needs through collaborative efforts,” said Sameer Rehman, managing director, of Asia Pacific, Bell. “Together, we unlock the full capabilities of this innovative aircraft. As the most advanced rotorcraft in its class, the Bell 505 consistently delivers significant value and exceptional performance for customers in various mission segments.”

In addition to the purchase agreements signed for two aircraft for Malaysia, a helicopter operator in Indonesia and four corporate clients from the Philippines each signed contracts for one Bell 505 over the past year. These agreements mean the active Bell 505 fleet serving Southeast Asia will grow by seven aircraft, joining over 100 Bell 505s already flying in Asia Pacific.

Since its 2017 introduction, Bell has delivered over 505 Bell 505 aircraft worldwide, accumulating more than 100,000 global flight hours on the fleet. The Bell 505 has also participated as a demonstrator for Sustainable Aviation Fuel in Singapore and Texas – a strong signal of Bell’s commitment to alternative fuel usage and incorporating sustainable practices into its global flight operations.

Every aspect of the Bell 505 was carefully considered in the design, starting with the large, customizable cabin and dual-channel FADEC-controlled engine. The aircraft delivers superb visibility and panoramic views through its glass cockpit, aided by comfortable stadium seating where the rear rows are elevated slightly above the front. It is a highly efficient and dependable aircraft suited for diverse weather and terrain.