Relationship between ELITE and AVIACOM

Relationship between ELITE and AVIACOM
Aviacom Provides technically trained team for installation of simulators ranging from FTD’s to Full Flight Simulator for civil and defence.

Celebrating a long-standing relationship between ELITE and AVIACOM in India

Aviacom has been specializing for 15 years in the fields of aircraft and flight simulator sales, their
installation and maintenance support on the Indian subcontinent. Its main customers are civilian and
military (air force) operators. The highly qualified specialists at Aviacom are available 24×7 to help
customers with advice and technical assistance.

Captain Sanjay Kumar, Managing Director at Aviacom puts the business story into words: ‘With
innovation in the heart of our company culture, we pioneered the flight simulators in 2007 and
became the first company in India to introduce glass cockpit trainer aircraft and flight simulators.
Since then, we have been on a successful business journey, creating a future through our best
machines for both civil and air force pilots.”

At around the same time in 2007 ELITE decided to appoint Aviacom as its sole dealer in India. This
business relationship has since then thrived and led to success for both pioneering companies. René
Huddlestone, sales manager, is extremely happy and says: „We’ve been delighted to work with
Aviacom over the last 15 years and are looking forward to many more productive years ahead of us.”
Speaking of the highlights in the last 15 years of working together, Mr. Huddlestone has fond
memories of several air shows in India, where ELITE and Aviacom participated together. Aviacom has
also been involved in helping ELITE to get the Indian DGCA approval.

Shruti Mehrotra, project head at Aviacom, says: „The long-standing relationship with ELITE has had a
profound impact on the business of people. Whether it be simulators or maintenance support: we
provide our clients with the best simulators and the most professional support with high tech and
low cost simulation all over India. The business relationship between both of the companies plays a
key role in ensuring product quality and business growth of our customers.

“We feel a sense of pride in having helped so many of our clients grow their business through our
products and services”, Shruti Mehrotra adds. Even though we faced challenging periods of
uncertainty during the Covid pandemic, we also had many reasons to feel grateful. For example, we
installed several flight simulators and provided maintenance support for various FTOs, academies,
training centres and even the Indian Airforce. This could not have been possible without the support
of our partner ELITE and its outstanding team.”

“The future is looking bright for both companies”, says René Huddlestone, “We have now involved
Aviacom also in the servicing of the PC-7MkII Pilatus FTDs.”