World Rally Flying Championships 2022

World Rally Flying Championships 2022
The 22nd FAI World Rally Flying Championships 2022 will be hosted at Brits Airfield in the North West.

The South African Power Flying Association (SAPFA), under the auspices of the Aeroclub of South Africa, is hosting the World Rally Flying Championships at Brits Airfield from 13-19 Nov 2022 with practice sessions starting 7 November 2022.

The sport of Rally Flying is aimed to improve fundamental flying skills to enable a team (Rally Crew of 2) to navigate and handle their aircraft under Visual Meteorological Conditions (VMC) as independent of technical subsystems as possible. The sport does not include any aerobatics or air racing at all.

SAPFA is expecting to attract 30 International Teams from between 16 to 20 Countries worldwide. These teams constitute the “crème de la crème” of international aviators representing ‘best in class’ from their respective countries.

While it is an honour to host this international championship, SAPFA has to fulfil certain requirements including the local hire of approximately 30 aircraft Cessna 172. Some teams will also require LSA such as Tecnams and Slings.

Each aircraft will attract approximately 30 – 40 hours of usage during this period. The projected hire rate for a C 172 is R2000 (Dry hire rate per hour including insurance).

We appeal to our fellow aviators for their assistance in hiring out their aircraft to SAPFA for this purpose. Please contact me directly to discuss this further should you be willing to assist.

Ron Stirk