AO “Remdizel” (JSC) at ARMY 2023

AO “Remdizel” (JSC) at ARMY 2023
The unified platform can be installed on all modifications of tractor hauler MT-LB modified for it in advance

AO “Remdizel” is participating at the International military and technical forum “Army-2023” in park Patriot from 14 to 20 August. You can learn about our products at stand 2O4 opposite pavilion B.

In 2023, nothing has changed in the rate of production for the Russian military industrial complex. Since 2022, AO “Remdizel” chose priority tactical approaches: the simplification of the design of armored vehicles for rapid increase in mass production and maximum import substitution. It is important that we maintained the vehicle’s safety features including ballistic ones despite all changes. There is still a high degree of personnel protection at the level of all famous world brands, cross-country capability, versatility and a large fuel range.

The stand of “Remdizel” will display the 2023 premieres: armored vehicle Titan for the tasks of special-purpose forces, an unmanned vehicle  exuberantly titled Zubilo and the long-known but upgraded units MT-LB.


This special-purpose armored vehicle is designed for the transportation of personnel, mounting, installation and the provision of the application of armaments and military and special purpose equipment ensuring the required ballistic and mine protection level during the performance of missions by the subdivisions of airborne forces, reconnaissance and special forces under different conditions of their activity.


Cross-functional unmanned vehicle 4х4 Zubilo is designed for the provision and support of assault operations as a part of assault teams, fire support and escort groups, ammunition advance support groups, cargo and personnel transportation, charging of radio stations and quadcopters.

Light multipurpose tractor hauler MT-LB

(or its snow- and swamp-going modification MT-LBV) with sanitary equipment is designed for equipping the stations of the collection and evacuation of wounded servicemen of the medical platoons of the squadrons of the Land Forces and the marine infantry of the Russian Navy.

The modified tractor hauler with sanitary installations provides the accommodation of wounded servicemen on stretchers inside the vehicle and on the roof outside the vehicle, as well as the accommodation of sitting wounded servicemen inside the vehicle. For this purpose, the carrier is equipped with special attachments for the embarkation/disembarkation of lying wounded servicemen on stretchers (including an electric-powered winch for hauling wounded servicemen on sled stretchers). The vehicle has a base set of the health and welfare items (three types of stretchers, a fixation board, drinking water cans, infusion and disinfectant solution packing holders and a safe box for “A” group medicines).

Light multipurpose snow- and swamp-going carrier MT-LBVM with a unified platform

is designed for the installation of additional quick detachable armament (AGS-17, PU ATGM, ZU-23-2 etc.), as well as of the exterior part of the sanitary installations on the roof of the personnel compartment. The unified platform can be installed on all modifications of tractor hauler MT-LB modified for it in advance. The distinctive feature of this vehicle configuration is the possibility of the installation of additional armament and equipment on points designed for this on the unified platform, with using fastening elements included in the platform set.

At Forum “Army-2023”, AO “Remdizel” also represents its own Training center. Modern technologies of simulated reality for training drivers, technical experts, officials responsible for the operation, maintenance and repair of vehicles, as well as of driving instructors. The methodologies are developed for training at the place of operation or at the Training center of AO “Remdizel” located on the production site.

AO “Remdizel” company thanks soldiers, officers and military authority for the dedicated choice of mission on the protection of our country. We, for our part, ensure that we are making efforts to supply the Russian Army with reliable armored vehicles, high-quality major overhaul and technical supervision of military vehicles.

AO “Remdizel” (JSC) was established in the city of Naberezhnye Chelny in 1978. To date, it is one of the largest enterprises of the Russian defense industry complex. The company designs and manufactures armored vehicles 4×4, 6×6 and 8×8. The company’s products have combat application experience; they are available for export. “Remdizel” is the participant of international forums “Army” starting with the first forum held in 2015.