Possible airspace congestion during BRICS

Possible airspace congestion during BRICS
Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro and Russian president Vladimir Putin during the BRICS in Brasília, Brazil.

The 15th BRICS Summit is scheduled to take place in South Africa, on 22nd – 24th August 2023. During

this time, the South African airspace may experience higher-than-normal air traffic movements,

specifically around Gauteng. In the main, the visiting aircraft will be using FAWK, FAOR, and FALA


We can expect air traffic movements to increase from 20th – 26th August 2023. ATNS has compiled an

ATM Operational plan to ensure that our service delivery is strengthened to meet the expected demand.

While we commit to doing everything in our power to accommodate the demand, airspace users are

requested to be patient should minor delays occur.

The Central Airspace Management Unit will continue to monitor and coordinate the management of

airspace capacity and efficiency as normal.

We thank you for your cooperation and understanding.